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IN 2016

I've been quite busy these past four years - I worked at Halfbrick making games in C++ and Unity (with C#) and working on the login system found in all their games (in C++ and Javascript). Some might say I've been so busy I haven't had a good chance to work on my folio.

I'm no longer working there but I am making games, websites and applications - partially in contracts and partially for myself.


I am an Interactive Developer specialising in games, applications and websites. I have been for about seven years. I've worked within large team environments and as a sole contractor.

I’m a web expert with eleven years working experience. I’ve built games, websites, applications, mobile applications, video tools and advertisements with an advanced knowledge of Javascript, CSS and HTML and a complete knowledge of The Flash Platform. This broad experience and adaptability keeps me on the cutting edge.

I’ve been building HTML5 / Javscript applications for the last five years. I’ve built modular, scalable MV* applications in Javascript. I’ve used new HTML5 technologies such as the Web Audio API and Canvas. I have a knack for device compatibility. I've built things in angularjs, jquery, require.js, ember.js, node.js and create.js. I've written frameworks. I eagerly follow, and quickly adopt new standards and technologies.

I’ve been using graphics software for about as long as I’ve been using text editors. I’ve had plenty of time with Photoshop, Inkscape, Blender, Illustrator and GIMP, playing designer, illustrator, animator, modeller, retoucher and template cutter. I can design it or I can employ your design with precision.

I’m a programmer's programmer. I enjoy application infrastructure and design, I employ design patterns, I write clean, concise, well-structured code and know my way around a debugger. I have experience in many IDEs and build environment, many automated. I’ve written in Javascript, Coffeescript, Actionscript, C#, C++ and Java and I’m not about to stop adopting languages.

When it’s done, I can score it. I’m a celebrated Musician, Composer and Audio Producer. My songwriting has shipped with apps, sites and as its product.

I’m an enthusiastic programmer, an avid indie game developer and an active musician.

I aim to build engaging interactive experiences, quality entertainment products.


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